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The Gift Of The Magi Essay Questions

Magi is the plural form of magus means wise men. According to the Bible magi (Gasper, Malchoir and Balthaza) were members of priest-hood of ancient Persia. These wise men of the East came to know the birth of Christ from certain signs in the sky and guided by the stars they came to Bethlehem where the infant Jesus lay in manger with the gifts-gold, frankincense and myrrh. They introduced the custom of the exchange of Christmas gift.

The Gift Of The Magi Essay Questions

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Jim and Della called foolish because Della sold her precious beautiful hair and Jim sold his gold watch for Christmas presents. They were their only possessions. They were poor and so it was foolish of them to sell their precious possessing for such small things as Christmas gifts. So, from practical point of view they are foolish. But they made sacrifice for the sake of love. Love made them forget the practical consequences. So, they were not foolish. They are the magi because like the Magi who made gifts to Jesus, their dearest person, they made gift to their dearest persons but of love for each other.

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But in a last word to the wise of these days let it be said that of all who give gifts these two were the wisest. Of all who give and receive gifts, such as they are wisest. Everywhere they are wisest. They are the magi.

No matter how bad things are financially, no matter how strapped someone might be for cash, there is always the possibility for ultimate generosity. Even though Jim and Della are comparatively poor, they find a way to sacrifice their most prized possessions to demonstrate their love for one another. In the end, their acts of generosity result in bittersweet irony, but the value of the emotions behind the gifts is not diminished in the least. This is why they are considered "magi," or wise ones.

Some of life's greatest blessings entail personal sacrifice; they occur when we give up things orwants for the benefit of the greater good. In O. Henry's short novel "The Gift of the Magi," giftsare exchanged amongst several characters, highlighting the concept of gifts and the potentsignificance it carries. Jim and Della are a couple of characters who are not wealthy and cannotindulge in extravagant spending. Della decides to get Jim a modest, gold chain to go with hispricey ancestral watch for Christmas by cutting off most of her long, gorgeous hair. In exchange,Jim sells the identical gold watch to get Della's long-desired stunning jewel-encrusted combs.Situational irony is used here, however, it is really silly because both people sacrificedeverything to express their love for each other. They were foolish to give up their valued assets tobuy "cherishable" gifts, but they're the most sensible individuals in the story when contrasted tothe others. They performed acts of sacrificial generosity; hence they can be regarded as magi. Inthe end, the gifts strengthened their bond; this is a metaphor. Solomon received greaterknowledge and insight from God than any other individual. Wood, herbs, precious gems, jewels,and were gifts from Sheba to Solomon for his home and the temple of the Lord. Sheba receivedpresents from King Solomon in exchange, including anything she wanted today and a futurechild. The Magi also presented frankincense and gold to the infant Jesus. Plenty of the people inthis brief narrative donate priceless, deserving, lovely, and expensive gifts, which makes the giftsso selfless and significant. They give up things that are dear to their hearts in order to help others.


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