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Naag Mani 2015 Movie Download In Hindi

Yamini, with Shesha's help, frames Shivanya for Ankush's death, to provoke Ritik against her, who learns Shivanya is a naagin. But as he realizes Yamini's real intentions and about his real parents, he and Shivanya confess their love and consummate which makes her lose her powers and turn into a normal human. Ritik reunites with Sangram who sacrifices his life to give Shivanya her powers back for 12 hours for the battle of Naagmani. Shivanya kills Yamini, completing her revenge. Shesha joins hands with Naagmani's enemy Mahishmatis clan but Shivanya defeats her and the Mahishmatis lock her since they're trapped for 25 years. As Shivanya and Ritik protect the Naagmani, god blesses the couple and allows them to start a new life together. Shivanya becomes pregnant.

Naag Mani 2015 Movie Download In Hindi

Shivangi turns into a naagin on her 25th birthday. She marries Rocky to take revenge. Shivangi acts as if she has lost her memory and doesn't know who killed her mother. Yamini and the gang spare Shivangi as only she can bring Naagmani for them. She also misinterprets Rocky as one of her mother's killers. On her quest, she befriends Rudra, a naag who was also wronged by Shivanya's killers. Later, Shivangi learns about Rocky being innocent. Rudra secretly falls in love with Shivangi. Shivangi kills four of the eight killers along with Rudra's help. Avantika learns about Rudra and kills him when he doesn't reveal his partner's identity. Distraught, Shivangi learns about Avantika's death secret and kills her. With Avantika's death, the Mahishmatis tribe also gets killed once and for all. Nidhi Chachi is revealed to be the 8th killer who kills Shivangi's only relative Gautami who was pregnant. Shivangi kills Nidhi, however, her identity is revealed to Shesha and Yamini. Shivangi turns Shesha into a statue where Rocky was called and he discovers the truth about Shivangi being a Naagin. Yamini tricks Shivangi into thinking that she killed her. Later, she secretly emotionally blackmails Rocky to take revenge on Shivangi for all the deaths that occurred. Rocky decides to punish Shivangi. He and Shivangi consummate their marriage making Shivangi lose her powers. Later, Rocky breaks all ties with her and calls the police to arrest her.

Vishakha, an Ichhadhaari Naagin pretending to be a rich investor named Vish Khanna arrives at the house of the murderers and attempts to kill Yuvraj, but he manages to survive. Mahir, the eldest son of the family, is compelled to marry Bela who is revealed to be Ruhi's new identity. Vishakha is revealed to Bela's friend. Bela is later crowned as the Naagrani of the Sheshnaag clan. Bela falls in love with Mahir much to Vishakha's dismay. Vikrant is revealed to be alive and was plotting his fake death with his mother Sumitra - Naagrani of Nidhog clan to attain Naagmani. Yuvraj is also a naag and Sumitra's son, who was also a part of the plan. When Bela learns about this, she is heartbroken and devastated. Vishakha joins Vikrant for Naagmani, but later she regrets it and joins Bela back. Vikrant leaves his mother's evil plans and joins hands with Bela. Vikrant accepts Vishakha's love, and they get married. On finding out the truth about Bela's identity, Mahir is shattered. He loses his memory and forgets Bela after Sumitra bites him. Later, Yuvraj comes back and is revealed to be a Naag from Nidhog clan. Sumitra plans to get Mahir married to Vishakha, but Bela takes Mahir away and makes him recollect his memories. Sumitra arrives there and pushes Bela, Vishakha, and Vikrant from a cliff.

Mahir becomes mentally unstable, and Bela returns to take revenge on Sumitra and gets remarried to Mahir. Bela uses Naagmani to bring back Mahir's memories and they consummate their relationship. Sumitra seeks help from Hukkum who tries to impregnate Bela to give birth to a demon child. Vishakha kills Yuvraj, takes Bela's place, and gives birth to Taamsi, who grows up in a matter of seconds and kills Hukkum. Bela reveals to Mahir that she is pregnant with their child. Taamsi kills Bela and Mahir and obtains Naagmani but it is cursed by Mahanaagrani Shivangi, who survived the attack on her and since then has disappeared. Later, Taamsi along with Sumitra and her gang visits a sage and he reveals that Bela and Mahir would be reborn.

Bela reincarnates as Shravani and Mahir reincarnates as Mihir, they unite with each other. Vikrant is killed by Taamsi and Sumitra. Learning about Shivangi's story, Shravani tricks Ritik and Rocky into the temple, and calls Shivangi who is now Mahanaagrani to remove the curse of Naagmani. Shivangi touches the Naagmani by mistake and removes its curse. Ritik and Rocky take the Naagmani from her and imprisons them. Yamini, who didn't die, returns to buy Naagmani but is killed by Shivangi once again and sent to hell. Taamsi and Sumitra were defeated by Shravani and Vishakha and they both run away. It is revealed how it was Shesha who survived the attack and killed Shivangi in the form of Rocky and Ritik as she is the Naagrani of the two-headed naagin clan, Ku-sarp clan. Shivangi defeats Shesha and feels remorseful for hating Ritik and Rocky. They both are rescued by Mihir. Free from their guilt, Ritik dies and unites with Shivanya, while Rocky and Shivangi start a new life together.

Vishakha kills Mundika takes her power and identity and gives Nayantara a new face. Nayantara changes her name to Shalaka. Dev and Shalaka marry. Brinda realizes that Dev did not kill Manyata. Shalaka finds out that Mundika is Vishakha's new identity. Shalaka manages to frame Vishakha as the murderer of Billi and she is imprisoned. Shalakha joins hands with Vrushali and her gang. Brinda and Dev confess their love. Dev asks Shalaka for divorce as he loves Brinda. Shalaka and Vrushali try to extract Naagmani from Dev, by hypnotizing him to detach him from Brinda. Dev kills Brinda's adoptive mother Swara under Shalaka's control, Brinda and her adoptive father plan to take revenge on the wedding day of Hardik. Unaware of what he did under Shalaka's control, Dev plans a surprise for Brinda in their room, but she reveals her identity to Dev as a naagin and attacks him, Dev tries to kill Brinda with a knife but he fails so he hits her on the head with a stick, making her unconscious.

The story starts 10,000 years ago when eagles had the power to shape-shift and change into a human but naags, naagins didn't. When the eagles attacked the snakes to obtain the Naagmani, Lord Shiva blessed the shape-shifting ability of snakes and named the first naagin to get this power, Naageshwari, and declared her as the Sarvashresth Aadi Naagin. She fell in love with a naag named Hriday while the prince of eagles, Aakesh falls in love with her despite the enmity between the clans. Aakesh plots to attack the snakes and get the Naagmani. Naageshwari and the priest prepare for a puja in the temple. Akesh enters the Temple with his force and kills Hriday with his army. However, he is killed by Naageshwari after which she is cursed by Lord Shiva for failing to protect other serpents but also gets a boon to return after 10,000 years. She kills herself to return to unite with her lover after 10,000 years. Naageshwari's soul was trapped in the temple for years due to the curse.

Rishabh suspects Pratha's intention and spikes Ritesh to replace him and gets married to Pratha. Lalit Gujral was revealed to be alive and fakes memory loss. Shanglira, an artificial naagin created in Changistan laboratory and Shalaka's lookalike arrives in India to poison the water of Yamuna river, fights Pratha but gets killed by Shalaka, who was cursed for stealing the Naagmani and did strict penance for 100 years and her curse can only be relieved by Shesh Naagin. Before dying, Shanglira successfully inserts her poison into the river. Pratha sucked the poison out of the river, but her health deteriorated and to get herself healed, she had to go to a palace behind Nilgiri hills which she refused to do so. Later, Shalaka asks Pratha about what happened that night when she became the Shesh Naagin.

Mahek reveals how Pratha became Shesh Naagin instead of her and how their entire family was killed on the same night. Pratha relieves Shalaka from her curse and gives her a boon that She will be accepted as a Naagin. Later, Shivansh is revealed to be alive as he escaped from the fire and is one of the conspirators, he stole Naagmani but Pratha got it back and he got killed by Lord Ram's arrow. Yash reveals to Pratha that he is Shesh Naag, her destined husband. Pratha had killed six of the twenty conspirators; he knows who the rest are and will tell her after she married him. Rishabh breaks off his marriage with Pratha and is about to marry Yash, but Pratha's tears set fire to the mandap, which makes Yash realize that she loved Rishabh. Yash sacrifices and accepts brahmacharya so Pratha can marry who she loves. Yash asks Farishta to give Pratha Sheshnaag's book. Pratha reads the book and finds out that the seventh conspirator will try to kill Rishabh. Pratha returns to Gujral's house and finds out that Reem married Ritesh, Rishabh didn't marry Reem because he loves Pratha and they both express their love for each other.

Shesha recognizes Seema as Yamini, and she also recognizes Shesha and asks Prathna to surrender the 9 Naagmanis. Prathna takes Mahek to the place where she kept the Naagmanis and Mahek tells Seema to release the kids. Prathna and Shesha deceitfully take the anklets from her, and Mahek loses her powers and loses her beauty. Prathna does a puja to increase the powers of the 9 Naagmanis. A Naag steals one of the 9 Naagmanis, Vasuki Mani, which is the most powerful of the 9 Naagmanis and goes to a prison, where wicked Naagins are imprisoned and open the doors. Vishakha comes out of the prison and revives Mahek. Mahek loses her Naagin powers as her powers are stored in the divine anklets. Vishakha tells Mahek that after saving Sheshnaag's book, she asked Lord Shiva to give her a boon. Lord Shiva grants her the boon of eternity and can give it to only one person. Mahek, Vishakha, and Seema join hands to find the divine anklets.


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